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Life gets overwhelming. Relationships are changing (or staying the same) and it's no longer serving you in a healthy way. You find yourself falling into the same patterns that aren't working for you anymore. These are just some of the reasons to seek out individual therapy. I work with individuals that are ready to make changes in their lives by collaborating on goals and supporting clients in coping with emotions and thoughts that may be interfering with those goals. Therapy may include a mix of talk, art, and sand tray therapy, as well as mindfulness based techniques.


Knowing if a therapist is the right fit for you can be a daunting task. Click here to book a free consultation. 

Individual Therapy

Do you feel that past hurts are getting in the way of the vision you have for your relationship or family? You find yourself in a new role in your life and all of a sudden old emotions are resurfacing and you're not sure where they are coming from. You know that you don't want to parent the way you were parented, but you're not sure how to break those cycles. These are some reasons you and your partner or family may seek more support. I provide services in a way that makes each person feel seen and heard. We focus on communication and emotions in order to move towards a more authentic way of living in community with one another. 

Who is involved in family therapy sessions? Each family constellation is unique and beautiful. Families come in all different sizes, orientations, and makeups. Who is involved in sessions depends on each family's unique needs and goals and may change throughout the course of therapy. I'd love to hear more about the vision you have for your family. Book a free consultation here to start the conversation. 

Couple & Family Therapy

Play therapy is a powerful way for children to express themselves and begin to understand the big feelings happening in their little bodies. I offer play therapy for children as young as 3 years old to provide them a space to grow and heal through play, art, and sand tray therapy. To learn more about the benefits of play therapy visit the Association for Play Therapy or book a free consultation here.


How do I know if my child can benefit from play therapy?

  • You've seen changes in your child's mood or behavior at home or school

  • Your child has recently gone through a traumatic event

  • Your child is having difficulty adjusting to a big life transition (e.g. birth of a sibling, starting a new school, divorce)

Play Therapy

Issues I can help with

Parenting is hard.


Every day you need to make a million tiny decisions, not knowing if it's going to have a lasting impact on your child or if it will be forgotten about in the next hour.


You are up at night worrying about if you're doing a good job, if you said the "right" thing, if you should have done things differently.


You have read the books, listened to the podcasts, googled everything there is to google about parenting, and listened to all of the advice, yet you find yourself unsure about how it will all mix together to make the kind of parent you want to be.


You experienced hurt and pain when you were a child and said you would never do the same to your children, however, every once in a while you find yourself paralyzed by old feelings or wondering, "Why did I just say that?" 

You and your partner had everything figured out as a couple, but then your family began to grow and you're trying to find a new shared vision for your family and a healthy way to co-parent. 


You have spun and spun your wheels to try to support your child and you don't know what else to do to help him or her. 

I want you to know you're not alone in your feelings. It is ok to feel frustrated, tired, and confused. Parenting is a big, scary job that no one is ever fully prepared for. I am here to help you work through the emotions that come with being a parent. I provide a judgement-free zone where you, your partner, and/or your children can process emotions verbally and non-verbally (through play, art, or sand tray therapy) in order to move towards the family you always envisioned. 

Therapy Models and Areas of Specialty

  • Healing from childhood trauma/abuse

  • Attachment/relationship issues

  • School behavior and adjustment issues

  • Anxiety/depression

  • Immigration/acculturation issues

  • Parenting/co-parenting difficulties

  • Parent/child relationship difficulties 

  • Peer and family conflict

  • Grief

  • Play therapy

  • Client-centered therapy

  • Humanistic therapy

  • Mindfulness

  • Here/now focus

Areas of support


Fees range from $160 for individual therapy sessions to $180 for couples/family sessions. I have a select number of session openings for clients paying on a sliding scale based on household income. 

I am an out-of-network provider and, therefore, do not bill to insurance companies. I can provide you with a monthly invoice to submit to your insurance companies for reimbursement for mental health services. Every insurance company is different. It will be up to you to reach out to your provider before beginning services to find out if/how much they reimburse for therapy sessions and what information they would require from me in order to be reimbursed. 

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